Saturday, November 21, 2009

Improvements abound!

Socastee Library Inventory via GG's Candid Camera

So much has been going on at the library since my last post that I've become a negligent blogger but I'm publicly dedicating myself to updating this blog at least once, hopefully twice a month! Blog or blog begone? I choose BLOG! I suppose I struggle with wanting to put out the "perfect" product when it's much more important to just stay in touch via the blog with our staff and patrons! Perfection be gone, this is how I roll...

As a library system, we've worked hard for our branches to inventory their collection every three years to keep the data in our library catalog correct -- there is nothing more frustrating for our patrons or staff to look for materials that may be missing from the collection! Congrats to Little River Library, who raised the benchmark and set the new inventory standard of completing the process during closed weekend hours plus an already or scheduled closure on Monday! This improvement could only have been accomplished with the additional assistance of Technical Services staff who also sacrificed their weekends to help at Little River. The new process enabled staff to work more efficiently and safely by eliminating the need to inventory during open hours with the necessary wiring taped to the floor and only a team or two of staff working while the rest provided library services to the public.

It worked with a smaller collection at Little River but could the same result be accomplished at a larger library? Enter Socastee Library, ready to inventory and willing to try, and YES! they were a smashing success again with the assistance of the Technical Services staff, now known as the "Dream Team". I'm so proud of staff for devising a better plan especially because it will impact the patrons in such a positive way. Many thanks also to our patrons for accepting the Monday closure when needed to inventory.

My next blog will feature my recent (okay the past few months since my last entry!) reads and recommendations along with the exciting ground breaking for the new North Myrtle Beach Library.